Apps4VA at JMU

Apps4VA is a bold initiative to improve K-12 education by leveraging data on Virginia public school students' progress toward college and career readiness. The goal of the project is for students, professionals, and the general public to create "apps" that explore new ways of using K-12 education data to aid in better data-driven decisions and intervention strategies.

See our SIGCSE 2014 Paper and Slides for more details!

Sample Projects

Over 350 students from JMU Computer Science have participated in Apps4VA competitions.

To get started, take a look at our sample query generator tool for vlds data sets: RealityCheck

Instructor Resources

Download all data sets for all years: (482 MB)

Individual files are available here, along with the data dictionary.

Sample project deliverables:

  1. Written Proposal

  2. Schema Design

  3. Example Queries

  4. Detailed Design

  5. Initial Prototype

  6. Final Presentation