Apps4VA at JMU: 2013 Projects

In spring 2013, sixty students enrolled in CS 474 at JMU accepted the Apps4VA challenge. Here are the prototype applications that we developed, provided "as is" with no guarantee of functionality or accuracy. Congratulations to the winning teams and all students who completed projects!

Apps 4 Grades
Tool to predict post secondary success based on SOL scores.

The "A" Team
Tool that enables students (parents) to compare individual student performance to peers within the local division or across the state. Offers activites/lesson plans based on learning needs for remediation.

Tool that displays numbers of disadvantaged students versus the entire senior student class by school divisions -- compares graduation counts & college enrollment.

Enables policy makers to assess the correlation between teacher salary and student growth.

Search tool that identifies areas of study offered at Virginia institutions of higher education related to completed CTE Programs.

Tool for policy makers to analyze how members of certain demographic groups perform on SOL scores.

Tool to compare performance and graduation rates to funding levels. Allows policy makers and administrators to target funding.

Job Demographic
Enables policy makers and division administrators to compare labor market projections to current programs to develop curricula to meet projected workforce needs.

Math & Science Education
Enables educators, administrators, and policy makers to make better, data-driven decisions regarding the gender gap in mathematics and science education.

1DA Apps
Enables school officials, policy makers, and parents to see trends by division and/or school by flagged students that have recieved SOL scores below a user defined input.

RGB 256
Enables educators & policy makers to compare/contrast factors that affect success in post-secondary education (e.g., community wealth).

An app that calculates and charts the return on investment for the Virginia SOL scores using school division budgets.

Enables administrators to analyze performance of special needs students on SOL tests. Allows breakdown by demographic and disability -- at school or division level.

Examines the relationships between health issues and educational success.

Helps educators to determine when students from different ethnicities start dropping from the educational system.