Apps4VA at JMU: 2014 Projects

In spring 2014, students enrolled in CS 474 at JMU accepted the Apps4VA challenge. Here are the prototype applications that we developed, provided "as is" with no guarantee of functionality or accuracy.
9:30 AM Section

Data Buddies
Our application creates a bar graph that compares average SOL scores within a specific set of criteria. It allows the user to compare different schools' scores by adding schools in the bar graph within the given criteria as well.

Database 2: The SQL
A tool for parents, teachers, administrators, and politicians that will help determine students who are most at risk of dropping out of high school.

Right Meow
Our application is used to determine how student characteristics, such as location, race, gender, and disadvantage level, correlate with student success. We will calculate the graduation rate and the acceptance rate to college of all student types.

Seal Team Six
VLDS Search is a search engine that allows anyone to search by school or division and compare various test scores.

SELECT best FROM class
Our project shows K-12 aged student, how they compare to their peers and gives them resources to either get stronger in certain subjects or continue to learn more.

Designed to meet the needs of special needs students, this tool helps parents and educators identify and rank schools using t-tests.

Team 4
Application that finds correlations between SOL scores for certain subjects and post secondary enrollment counts, determining which subjects, if any, have a larger impact.
2:00 PM Section

The Bank
Helping our residents become stronger advocates for our children! School comparison tool, SOL test data tool, and school map tool.

Elephant Herders
Enables user to view rankings of VA schools based on an average of SOL scores of LEP students and also allows user to search for Number of Students based on Limited English Proficiency (LEP).

SOL-ution aims to provide teachers with easy access to SOL test scores and tools to compare classrooms with previous cohorts.

Mayfield Mayhem
The Matchup, a tool to help visualize the data concerning specified demographic groups of their total enrollment in public school. The average SOL scores for said demographic and college success rate.

U.S.S. Pintos
"Cool School" search tool for families to view schools and divisions around them which are ranked based on test scores, enrollment rates, and graduation rates.

Team Ramrod
A tool that allows citizens to trace correlations between teacher salaries and SOL pass rates and diploma types awarded.

Compares the composite index ability to pay with a division's or school's average SOL scores.

The UN
A tool that displays student subject performance in schools and shows the possible statistical correlation (using ANOVA) between student demographic factors and SOL scores.
3:30 PM Section

This application will allow parents and teachers to analyze how students are doing in school.

Huey Lewis and the News
This application shows correlation between average teacher salaries and average SOL scores for a district. We take into account a districts composite index to adjust the salaries to equate the data better.

SchoolMarm is an application to allow comparison of post-secondary enrollment rates and SOL scores for a given high school and allow comparison with other similar schools.

The JIMT Group
Allows you see a scatter plot of SOL scores versus the percentage of students homeschooled in a region and gives the Pearson correlation coefficient for that data which lets you know if there is a correlation between SOL scores and the percentage of students homeschooled.

By analyzing the data concerning student schedules and performance, this web application is designed with the goal of understanding how school schedules impact student learning capabilities.

Victorious Secret
Allows users to easily observe data about SOL scores and CTE completers by region or school and compare the data to labor market projections in the area.

Those Guys
A sleek, easy to use utility designed for parents who wish to find the perfect school for their disabled child.

An application designed to understand educational trends and factors throughout VA schools.