Apps4VA at JMU: 2015 Projects

In spring 2015, students enrolled in CS 474 at JMU accepted the Apps4VA challenge. Here are the prototype applications that we developed, provided "as is" with no guarantee of functionality or accuracy.
2015 Finalists

Awesome Socks
Our project combines VLDS and VDSS (Social Services data) to help better depict the conditions of Virginia's divisions. By allowing a user to examine data about a specific division, during a specific school year, they have the ability to recognize counties that are in need.

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Red Swingline Stapler
LOINStat is a tool for educational researchers that generates custom visualizations of their data. Not only can it use the researchers data, but also the VLDS data sets.

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None of the Above
Academic Fortune Teller is an application that takes in a user submited SOL Score and/or SAT Score and predicts what colleges that the user is likely to get into.

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This simple application analyzes any Virginia school division's budget, enrollement, and test metrics. Comparisions can even be made between divisions for a more enhanced analysis.

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Our application allows users to see the top schools in a division or the state by SOL scores in a specified subject and grade level. The application also allows users to optionally specify demographic information for the results.

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SQL Injection
VAST is a web application which is intended to improve usability and visibility of the VLDS data for policymakers and citizens. VAST simplisticly displays the SOL score trends over the years 2006 through 2013 within a specific division, school, and subject. VAST also includes a salary graph for the school chosen by the user.

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The database will include relevant information regarding the staff position the user is seeking. For example, data regarding the salaries of classroom teachers, assistant principals, and principals will all be accessible.

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Team DryBump
Designed to allow for quick comparisons between instructional spending per capita and academic achievement. This kind of data should be valuable for politicians and administrators looking for where money should be spent.

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Others on Monday

Dropout Blanket
A tool for parents, teachers, administrators, and politicians that will help visualize a variety of dropout data for a given school.

Budget Mapping
Displays budget information for each division of Virginia's Public Schools on a statistical table. Also includes a heat map of how budgets are spent.

Fantastic Four
An application that shows the difference in SOL scores depending on students inequity, allowing educators to find critical years in student development.

May Field of Dreams
Our application allows educators and parents to compare their student's scores with other students across Virginia, given certain criteria. If a student is falling behind in a subject, the user is referred to reputable, educational sources.

Group 1
An application to compare teacher to student ratios in Virginia schools with various measurements of student success, to determine the potential benefits and drawbacks of different classroom sizes.

Holy Grails
Holy Grails determines which economic factors are the best predictors of student success, and shows under and overperforming school districts.

Off to the Matrix
Our application enables users to query VLDS data to generate graphs to determine correlations such as "SOL scores reflect dropout rates throughout different schools."

The Data Miners
Our project is designed to allow any user to see correlations between dropout rates of Virginia high schools and socioeconomic factors. Users have the choice to run pre-selected queires or search by year, division, and school.

NFC East
Our application creates a bar graph that compares senior classes geographically through cohort and graduation rates for schools in the same division.

Polyglot is a search tool that allows users to compare Virginia schools in terms of the factors that determine the success limited English proficiency (LEP) students.

Virginia LITE
The user selects up to five schools by division and school name and clicking the "add" button which generates a report card of the selected schools. The user then selects the x-axis and y-axis values they would like to compare.
Others on Tuesday

This application can be used by students, parents, teachers, administators, and policy makers to commant drop outs. Users can look at drop out figures of different groups of students.

Baker's Dozen
Bakers Webapp allows users to compare the teen pregnancy rate, dropout rate, average income, algebra II sol scores, and enrollment of up to five school divisions in Virginia.

The Correlation Project (TCP)
Select a grade level from the drop down menu and click submit to return a chart of the average SOL scores by gender in each subject in that grade level.

Data Dukes
After School is a tool for parents and students to find out which high schools better prepare students for post secondary life. We take into account graduation rates, post secondary enrollment, and SOL scores!

A tool for users to search through the VLDS Database to find SOL scores and SOL trends at any particular school.

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Our application shows if there is a direct relation to teachers salaries and SOL test scores of a certain school. This will help identify if a teacher with a higher salary can produce better SOL scores.

Team NaN
A research tool that investigates the correlation between a division's party affiliation, its test scores, post-secondary enrollment rate, and dropout rate.

T.B.D. (The Belief Database)
Our project focuses on the availablilty and diversity of career and technical education programs in specific divisions, as well as the popularity of each CTE program in selected divisions.

Uno Uno
A tool that displays a visual representation of how school districts compare with one another in regards to crucial statistics of success, such as average SOL scores, enrollment numbers, and graduation rates.