Criminally Underrated Data


The purpose of this application is to get a better understanding of the correlation between government funding for schools, student success based on SOL test scores, and juvenile criminal rates in the years between 2007-2013. In the "Compare Divisions" tab, you can select a division from each table that you wish to compare and an SOL test subject. Upon clicking the "submit" button, the application will produce a line graph for each division, labeled respectively, that has the overall rank for each category.

Under the "Spending" tab, upon selecting a division, will produce a graph for the county's local, state, and federal spending for each pupil on the left and a graph for total spending for local, state, and federal levels on the right.


We would like to give a special thank you to Dr.Norman R. Westerberg of the Virginia State Police and Howard Sanderson of the Department of Social Services for their help in locating data and refining our project.