Apps4VA at JMU: 2016 Projects

In spring 2016, over 100 students enrolled in CS 474 at JMU accepted the Apps4VA challenge. Here are the prototype applications that we developed, provided "as is" with no guarantee of functionality or accuracy.
Sections 1&2  (10:30 to 12:30)

[TODO] is an application that empowers parents by giving them SOL, spending, and student-to-teacher data, so they can make informed decisions about their child's education.

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The Source Awakens
An application that highlights the correlation between racial density and test performance in Virginia schools.

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Null Byte
Our project looks at the relationship between unemployment rate and the per pupil expenditure and the success of the school division in terms of SOL test scores.

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The SQLephants
With SOL and SAT scores, kids in high schools have potential to get an intelligent prediction of where they can/should go to college based on data supplied by the VLDS using our application: IntelliPath.

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Our project analyzes STEM and CTE data to show the diversity in the programs for race. The data is broken into year, CTE program, and race.

Our application compares the correlation between SOL scores and unemployment rate in school divisions.

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Our application uses multiple data sets including VLDS data, crime rate data, transportation data, etc. to allow users to find their optimal living location based on various preferences.

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KK & Bros
This project helps prospective college students decide between attending community college before a 4-year college or only attending a 4-year college by comparison.

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College Forecast helps high school students predict which universities they will attend based on admissions data for all public 4-year universities in Virginia.

The Curtis Mayfields
A closer look at student performance vs. resource allocation at the divisional level.

The Other Guys
Smart Spending weighs budgetary factors against student academic metrics in order to help identify what divisional spending most impacts student success.

Our application is designed to explore SOL and postsecondary education data from the VLDS in relation to public assistance programs like SNAP.

This application analyzes each Virginia County's funding, juvenile crime rate, and test scores.

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Sections 3&4  (1:00 to 3:00)

Database Polling | Vote For Education
D2V (Dropout-to-Voter) is an application that allows the user to effortlessly compare the high school dropout rate to general election voter turnout within a chosen division in Virginia.

School Not Open for Weather
Our app provides the tools to compare AP enrollment percentage with senior graduation rates for any school per selected division and year.

This application breaks down technology funding grants for Virginia counties by SOL scores and cost per student. Does your home county's technology funding actually help learning?

Our project examines SOL test scores for students with disabilities in relation to the percentage of students with a particular disability out of all students with disabilities.

Exploring comparisons between Virginia high school and college data with a focus on college enrollment and graduation in relation to SOL scores by division.

Future lets the user input their SOL scores and graphs their performance with the average scores in Virginia. The purpose is to help users get an idea of a suitable career path.

Horizon Data Services
Our application was designed to allow the user to compare education statistics with corresponding county labor statistics in order to observe correlations between the statistics.

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WHERE we=the_best

The goal of our application is to highlight the differences between the "Rural Horseshoe" and Urban Crescent of Virginia.

ADD_TABLE 'Team Name'
VRES is a tool that allows users to compare various educational and social statistics visually using maps, charts, and a unique percentile ranking system.

A tool for understanding the relation of technology funding and student technology access to student success using SOL test scores, technology grants, and household internet access.

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School Fund$ conveys data to the user in the form of simple charts, and colorful images. This way, data is not only more accessible to the public, but even slightly entertaining.

A table and graph utility for mapping demographic shifts in school enrollment and standardized testing results.