Tech-X Analyzer

Welcome to the Tech-X Analyzer. We are working to determine the impact of technology access on student success in the state of Virginia. To get started, navigate to the Help section for more information on how to use this tool.

Shown in the Query section are a few tabs containing graphs. The SOL tab shows a bar chart with the average SOL test scores in the selected division. The Funding tab shows a line graph of the Funding per Student in the State and selected division starting in 2011, when the VPSA Technology and e-Learning Backpack Initiative Grants began. These grants are investments by the state towards implementing general technology in public education. The Internet Access tab shows another line graph showing the percentage of Internet access per Household in the state and selected division. The data represented in these graphs can help education providers determine a relation between technology access and student success in the state and each individual division.

All data used for this project was provided by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) and obtained from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Visit their websites for more information.

This project was sponsored by the Virginia Data Longitudinal System (VLDS). Visit their website for more information.