What is BashCrime all about?


Our vision is to use VLDS to compare school performance in all areas of Virginia with each county's corresponding crime statistics. Essentially, we want to see the impact of crime on K-12 school performance metrics in specific areas of Virginia.


The crime statistics of a county will be determined through a dataset of crimes committed in Virginia that we gathered from the FBI's UCR database ( This is a database of crime statistics voluntarily provided to the FBI by each county, so it may not be extensive or consistent. The purpose of the data we chose is to see if the crime rates for specific crime types in certain areas of Virginia relate to school performance in that area. Specifically, we are looking to see if an area with high dropout rates and low Standards of Learning (SOL) test scores corresponds to high crime rates in that area. Using these datasets will allow us to see which geographical areas in Virginia have lower test scores/higher dropout rates and realize if these areas are impacted by their crime rates.