Is community college a better alternative than going straight into JMU?

It's often difficult for graduating high school seniors to determine whether the benefits of attending community college outweighs the four year college experience. The goal of our application, DatApp, is to help alleviate the stress of choosing a school while providing the necessary data to help solve this problem. This issue is broken down into four separate sections. The first section shows the transfer acceptance rates of students attending a user-selected community college. The second section shows a breakdown of the average earnings of a JMU graduate with a user-selected major and the overall debt of a student that attended JMU for all four years versus attending a user-selected community college for two years. The third section shows the JMU graduation rates of students that transferred from a user-selected community college. Finally, the last section shows a comparison between the average GPA of students in a JMU Discipline versus the distribution of letter grades of students from a user selected JMU college.

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