Apps4VA at JMU: 2017 Projects

In spring 2017, over 55 students enrolled in CS 474 at JMU accepted the Apps4VA challenge. Here are the prototype applications that we developed, provided "as is" with no guarantee of functionality or accuracy.
Section 1  (10:30 to 12:00)

Episode VII Was A Remake – R1-D3
R1D3 used median income and unemployment rates to find comparable counties between VA, MD, and DC. Comparison schools found are used to display the various information between dropout rates, graduation rates, and SOL testing data.

SQL Injectors
E2E is thin-client application that shows the correlation between education success and employment numbers in each county in the state of Virginia.

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Data Dealers – Outer Joint
The Outer Joint is an application that shows the effects of educational performance and socioeconomic status on drug usage for counties in VA.

Our application compares the correlation between student achievement and criminal activity.

The 474 Query Crew
There are many approaches to measuring student performance in school. Our application seeks to find an influencing factor by looking into teacher compensation and chronic absenteeism.

Our goal was to look at whether counties that implemented STEM academies had higher SOL test scores than counties that did not. From there we wanted to see if those counties also had higher postsecondary enrollment rates.

The Park Rangers
Our application investigates the correlation between SOL test scores and the number of museums within the same zip code.
Section 2  (1:15 to 2:45)

Our project seeks to display statistics regarding Virginia SOL scores data and Virginia cyber crime data in the hopes of determining the overall effectiveness of current Internet security education standards in Virginia.

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SucceSQL is an app to provide the answer for the question "If not college, then what?" We provide the tools to understand alternatives to college and why that is okay.

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Our project will assist students when deciding whether to attend a community college or enroll straight into JMU.

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Coding Overdose
Our application allows users to harvest specific Virginia election data in order to understand, compare, and deduce certain trends and effects in recent years for all election levels in Virginia.

The purpose of our project is to give researchers the necessary tools to comprehensively answer the following question: "To what extent does the volume and type of criminal activity impact K-12 school performance metrics in a given area?"

Our goal is to create a dashboard for each county so one can see different data on voter turnout and education for the state of Virginia.

Slam-Dunkin' Knowledge Surfers
Our application allows a user to choose a county in Virginia and observe the related health factors for that county, as compared to the state average. Users can also select a health factor and see how it affects every county in Virginia.