Virginia Education & Cyber Crime Analysis

SafeSense Mission Statement:

The increase of technology provides many benefits, but also introduces quite a number of risks. The understanding and importance of security has become a necessity in the current technological society. We hope that the research we conduct and eventually present on this project will shed light on the current education standards towards K-12 students on the importance of proper data hygiene and general Internet safety. Given the nascent trends of the technologies influencing classroom interactions, the need for education in Internet safety is paramount. Due to the impressionable nature of children, the ability of a technologically savvy individual to compromise a student's machine and potentially exfiltrate personal information about the victim and their family and further act upon said data can become a major problem for education institutions and families. The recent surge in cybercrime activity along with the ease of access of tools such as keyloggers and other hacking software, has led to an increased commitment to pursuing cyber-education for all secondary education institutions.


CS474 Group Project

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