The Slam Dunkers

Ethan Putt
Has worked with SQL Server in an active work environment as well as implementing SQL queries within C# applications. Ethan has experience with programming languages such as C#, C, and Java. He also has taken classes that include writing formal documents and documentation for programming projects.

Edward Lay
Was the project manager for his team in CS345 so he has practice with writing documentation for programs. He has experience using Java and C from prior courses as well. Edward has also taken several courses dealing with group work and group projects, such as CS345, GCOM123, and POSC356.

Matthew Jennings
Has a basic background knowledge in SQL Query writing and basic data manipulation within small databases. Matthew also has efficient knowledge in the use of Java and C, as well as basic understanding of Javascript. Matthew has expansive knowledge in set theory and use of different algorithms.

Sam Kiwus
Has experience with Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, and can design graphics for the final product and produce data visualizations. Sam has experience with both creative and technical writing. Sam has also has taken CS345 (software engineering) and can help plan software development and sprints, as well as experience with Java and C++, and knows some C.