CS 474 GP1: Written Proposal
James Madison University, Spring 2017 Semester

Paper submission due Feb 1st in class.
Each group brings three hard copies to share.


We will be working with K-12 education data throughout the semester. For a general overview of the problem domain, see the Educational Data Primer. If you haven't already, please spend a couple hours to become familiar with Apps4VA. In particular, complete the recommended reading.

The goal of the course project is for you to design and implement, in groups of 3-4 students, a substantial three-tier database application. All groups will work on a project with VLDS data, but each group will have its own direction and unique interface for the data.


Write a proposal for a project suitable for Apps4VA that your group would like to pursue this semester. Note that you are not committing to a specific direction or set of requirements at this stage. The purpose of this proposal is for us to mutually agree on a project that is feasible over the course of one semester. Your proposal will also provide a starting point for conversations with your team mentor.

Your proposal should be 2-3 pages, single-spaced with a blank line between paragraphs, and have 1-inch margins. The narrative itself should be about 750 to 1000 words. You are expected to write professionally, use complete sentences, have no spelling errors, etc. Please include the following sections as bold headers:

  1. The name of your group / project, and the students in your group.

  2. A brief overview of the data you have chosen, its purpose, and its potential impact.

  3. The specific educational/other research question to be addressed in your project (in bold).

  4. High-level specifications, i.e., what functionality will your completed web application provide?

  5. What future benefits or improvements to Virginia might be expected as a result of your work?

  6. What are the background abilities and anticipated roles of each group member for this project?

Each member of the group should contribute to the proposal. You may want to use Google Drive or some other cloud-based document editor to collaborate on the writing. We will peer review the proposals during class on the due date. Each group will evaluate submissions from three other groups using the Proposal Rubric. You will also play the role of consultants to help each other refine your ideas and project's focus. After revising your proposal based on peer feedback, each group will submit the final version for grading.