CS 474 GP4: Initial Prototype
James Madison University, Spring 2017 Semester

Electronic submission due Mar 30th at 11:59 PM.
Each group creates a webapp directory on GitHub.


For this assignment, you will begin designing the user interface of your application. Each group is expected to implement searching and/or browsing of VLDS data. You are encouraged to use third-party libraries such as Google Chart Tools and Google Maps API to make your application interactive and visually appealing. At a minimum, your submission to GP4 should fully automate the chart you presented in GP3:

  1. Enable the user to input query parameters. Use textboxes, drop down lists, radio buttons, etc.

  2. Validate the inputs for security/correctness. Never trust data values you receive from a user.

  3. Call your SQL function with the user's input. Use a PreparedStatement and correct data types.

  4. Generate JavaScript to display the results. Make sure you don't get any errors in your browser.

  5. Allow the user to modify/resubmit the query. The form inputs should not reset when you submit.

Much of the work for this assignment will involve getting your initial web app up and running, and then figuring out how to integrate database connectivity, application logic, and web development in a team environment. Although not required for this assignment, you are encouraged to implement other features of your project. The end of the semester is closer than you think!