CS 474 GP6: Final Presentation
James Madison University, Spring 2017 Semester

Group presentation on May 1st in ISAT/CS 246.


Your final project will be evaluated in two ways:

  1. By the instructor for your GP6 grade (using the rubric below)
  2. By a panel of Apps4VA judges (see PDF Evaluator Guidelines)


Each team will have eight minutes to present their work: five for demonstration, two for Q&A, and one for transition. The presentation should involve all group members—don't just let one person do most of the talking. Be sure to answer the following questions:

Do NOT prepare slides unless absolutely necessary (please check with the instructor in that case). Most of the presentation should be an interactive demo of your application and discussion of the results you found in the data. All teams will use the same computer (at the podium) and run their app directly from the apps4va.cs.jmu.edu site.

GP6 Rubric

Functionality (20 pts)

_____ / 10 pts Meets requirements
_____ / 10 pts Efficient and elegant

Presentation (20 pts)

_____ / 10 pts Solid demonstration
_____ / 10 pts Thoughtful discussion

Feedback (10 pts)

_____ / 10 pts Client meeting report